ACE Japón was founded in Tokyo in September 2014 by the Spanish scientific colony in Japan. The whole range of disciplines and academic stages is represented amongst our members. From the social and human sciences to experimental research and technological studies, from college students to senior researchers, whether in public or private institutions. As stated in our statutes, the requirements to join ACE Japón are being a Spanish citizen and being based in Japan.

We aim to represent and give voice to our community, for which we strive to fulfil the following objectives:

  1. Networking

Establishing a network of Spanish scientists in Japan to facilitate the integration of its members and exchange both professional and personal experiences.

  1. Support

Serving as backup and support to our members, facilitating their adaptation to the current environment (Japan) and attainment of their scientific goals.

  1. Scientific divulgation and promotion

Increasing social perception of science and technology. Approaching society by organizing activities of interest to both parties. Disseminating our scientific activity to promote both our personal achievements and the potential of Spanish scientists.

  1. Mediation

Facilitating and promoting collaboration between organizations, either public or private, related to R&D in Japan and in Spain as well as other countries. We believe that increasing and strengthening collaborations between the two countries would be fruitful for the success of our R&D frameworks.

For more information or to make any suggestion or proposal, please feel free to use the contact form: